I am a PhD student of Sociology at UC Berkeley studying online dating, the sharing economy, social exchange, and culture.

My dissertation leverages a comparative approach to ask the question: How do singles in the U.S. and China online dating differently? More specifically, I am interested in how folks in the two most populous cities of the respective countries—New York City and Shanghai—strike a balance between abundancy (i.e. the sheer number of people made available through dating apps) and scarcity (i.e. time, energy, and money etc.). When do they stop looking? How do they know when to commit?




In 2016, I taught a course titled “What Makes You Click: The Sociology of Online Dating” at the University of British Columbia. The course focuses on using sociological perspectives to help students understand broad patterns of this new way of relationship formation, while concomitantly directing heavy attention at equipping them with scientific knowledge to better them as partners, be it in their romantic or platonic relationships.

I have since been invited to give public lectures and private talks on the topic of online dating. During my free time, I also mentor individuals who want to bolster their online dating game. Please reach out to me if you have any inquiries.


Curriculum Vitae

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