• June 10, 2015

A Sea-Change: The Role of Transnationalism in Altering Attitudes towards Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage

For my first independent research study, I examined the effects of transnational engagements on international students’ attitudes towards homosexuality and same-sex marriage. This mixed-method study, comprising of an online survey with 90 respondents and follow-up semi-structured interviews with 10 participants, marks one of the first attempts at delineating how remittance behavior can influence societies with limited civil-political liberties to adopt more accepting views towards sexual minorities.

The findings of this paper have been presented at the following conferences:
– American Sociological Association Annual Conference | Chicago, IL
– Canadian Sociological Association Annual Conference | Ottawa, ON
– UBC Graduate Students Research Conference | Vancouver, BC
– UBC Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference | Vancouver, BC