• January 18, 2016

Conceptualizing ‘Triple Segregation’: A Study of International Student Integration at UBC (ongoing)

UBC currently hosts hundreds of international students in its Vantage College, a first-year program designed for international students interested in intensive academic English preparation. From conversations with Vantage instructors, staff and students, I noted a ‘triple segregation’ that certain students experience (from mainstream society, from the larger university population, and from the Vantage community itself). Given that Mainland Chinese students are overrepresented in Vantage college (about 70%), students who do not speak Mandarin or share similar cultures could feel marginalized in both academic and social dimensions. Such realities can be burdensome and hamper the success of certain students. By conducting four focus groups with 24 students and comparing the experiences of Vantage students with general international students, I hope to investigate whether or not Vantage attendees (be they Chinese or other minorities) face greater levels of segregation due to their English language abilities and the nature of their program. This study is funded by the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers.